Hi my name is Avery. I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease three days ago. I'm having a bit more trouble sleeping lately because there's been a lot on my mind and I have nausea as well from switching my diet. If you don't mind me asking what helps you when you have trouble sleeping?

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  • GDuncan


    I found CBD to be super helpful! Whether that be full spectrum or just CBD. It helps me a lot with nausea and anxiety, so sleep has been a little easier since starting it!

  • Coffeelover22


    Melatonin but only for a short term use (2 weeks, then off two weeks since it’s a hormone) or theanine (can get at health food store or vitamin shoppe) calms the mind and thoughts

  • Rainberries


    Thank you very much for your comments

  • PAP112


    Tea has helped me tremendously with all of the celiac side effects! Also keep checking your vitamin levels to keep your energy normal! I highly recommend the app “Fig” for scanning food labels and checking for cross contamination- you would’ve believe how much gluten is in seemingly gluten free food :)

  • Schwartzenator


    So it may not be healthy, but a little sugar before bed helps me.

  • Glutenfreegal


    It sounds cliche but I count backwards from 100 or fall asleep with the food network on my tv. I felt starving and nauseas my first few weeks being gluten free, but it got better in time

  • Glutenfreegal


    Honestly, my queen sized heated blanket puts me right to sleep.

  • skylerrosee


    I drink CBD infused teas to help

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