I don't even know what's going on anymore. I've been making so many mistakes with people. Especially, the guy I love... there isn't anything more I can do anymore. I apologized, tried to reach out, etc.. I miss him a lot and I want us to make amends but he's just been ghosting me. We are still friends on most social media and yet I get absolutely nothing. I don't get it. 😒 I thought I got over it and accepted it but it seems like I never got over it. I'm literally so fucking numb at this point. I'm hopeless, done, but yet I want to keep fighting but I see nothing in my life worth fighting for.. I just want to sleep my days away.
People have told me to move on, but honestly I literally don't work like that. Especially in an instant. Plus, I've went through a lot of hoe phases when I was younger and I'm not that person anymore. I ain't desperate for anyone to love me, and I absolutely hate rushing relationships. People think it's so easy. Welp, it's fucking not. I ain't the sharpest tool, or the best body either. Sorry y'all, I ain't got the looks like you do. I had to let these people go because I was constantly comparing myself to them and I literally felt suicidal and inadequate. I don't even know anymore. I'm done but I'm not. I'm losing my marbles at this point.


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  • Bartel


    Can you have a conversation with him? What is causing the rift between you two? If it helps, I screwed up a lot during a bad time period of my life. I was able to approach these people and apologize with candor about what had happened and how I should have handled things differently. All is well, now. It just took some time to step back and analyze it outside of the current stresses.

    • Wintie


      I've tried to.. but he's pretty much ghosting me. I am dead serious that he ignores my text messages even though he is online. 🤷‍♀️ Honestly, I don't even know anymore. I pushed him away and I know I can be a dick when I don't understand things that he was going through at the time. I have apologized and such, and even tried to make amends and such but I don't hear a peep from him. Kind of sucks but this has happened before in the past, but it seems like there's no going back anymore. 😔 I have recognized my wrongdoings and I apologized as well. As I said, I can be a dick when I don't understand people's situations right away because I won't lie.. I can be selfish at times and I know as of lately I've only been thinking about myself and my own feelings rather than considering others. I'm not sure what to do because I'm overwhelmed and burnt out by sending him multiple messages and such... I feel as though nothing will happen. 😔 I am okay with it but it's frustrating because he sees my posts and such but I don't get a reply.

  • Marie8690


    Give him space and find things that make you smile if you don't have a pet look into getting a doggo or a catdog basically it's a cat that thinks it's a dog I have 2 and a dogcat thinks she's a cat they're a real fun handful they help out alot more than they get credit for

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