hey so I just need to say something almost my whole life people either use me or take advantage of me just because I'm autistic some people get in my head and brainwash me I'm older now I'm getting better at not listening to what people think of me Thoughts ?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • midibear


    I have dealt with this myself unfortunately and I find that noticing a person's body language and tone and actions on initial encounter tell alot about a person and I listen to my gut and if I get an off vibe now I block immediately Because I used to get used and taken advantage of way too much then after years of this I learned it's ok to put up boundaries.

    • karaa


      at least I'm not the only one thank you for replying ❤️

      • midibear


        ofcourse! U ever need someone to talk to I'm here

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