I can't stand still very long, walking is fine, but I can't stand in one spot, or I'll be paying for it for a week. how do you cope?

Intervertebral Disc Displacement


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  • lawrah


    I think mine is from doing hair for 15 years. I stand in one spot for a really long time. Sometimes by the end of the week I can't feel my feet and I'm crying in my car cuz I'm worried about driving home. I'm finally getting physical therapy soon and been wearing a soft cervical collar at night while watching TV or reading. Kratom helps me a lot so does cannabis.

  • Michael720


    I can't sit or stand for long and if I start to walk I get a lot of pain in my back

  • Knightstarr


    I got a Rollator so I could sit down when I was not walking. I can't hold still for anything and I adjust myself all the time I am sitting

  • rockat


    I'm the same way

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