Hi idk wat to say but just here to try this out and get help for depression and anxiety how to control it and not lose that control of it

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • rainly


    yeah that's why I'm here as well



    Do you take medications for it? And try grounding yourself. That helps a lot of people. I do breathing exercises and take my anxiety meds

  • MsNytemare


    That's what I'm here for too

  • MsKush


    No I haven't been takin meds for a year now

  • Mis


    I found that eating lean meats such as chicken and turkey along with steamed veggies and really trying to get at least 50 oz of water a day along with eating way smaller portion sizes ... After like a week - two weeks everything changed. My biggest issue was sugar! It affected everything and threw off my thyroid, dehydration I wasn't flushing out toxin's so I was severely constipated and the toxins we're just sitting in my body and then the hormone imbalance from all the carbs and sugar... It's been a crazy ride and no one looks at diet, they just push pills then you get more side effects. I had to start doing my own research and the gut and brain and so freaking connected... It's all connected... Don't eat anything processed or full of sugar. Look into low carb and if you are driven and motivated to stick with a healthy diet for 2-3 weeks you'll have something to compare how you've been feeling to the way you're body feels when you don't feel like you're going to die in your sleep. Listen to me or don't. Been sick for 9 years and finally understand it was my diet, alcohol, weed, not enough sleep and not drinking more than 25 oz of liquid a day... Again, trust me or don't, but either you try it if keep on suffering

  • Tinkmorningstar


    Same here. I have been having issues and noone that can really relate

  • mtngoat


    Hi! Love your username! 🌿

  • Mrbrightsidexvi


    I manage my anxiety with sleep, managing my caffeine intake, and exercise.

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