I'm excited new here my ? is anyone else having severe foot issues related to psoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis


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  • shtbird


    Yes degenerative arthritis, hammer toes just starting severe pain between 3rd n 4th toes

  • SMX


    The bottom of my foot I get pain. Also one of my ankles. And I just happen to have a broken toe, but that’s just the magic of life

  • sugmag


    Yes the bottoms of my feet hurt if I'm on them for any length of time. Some days my ankles really hurt some they don't. When they do it's like they are really stiff making it harder to walk.

  • shtbird


    Gabapentin does not resolve this problem

  • Heatherisme


    Foot pain is a constant for me. Disfigured toes and my ankle joints are fully involved. I'm in my season right now.......the warm weather and swimming help me❤️

  • Gigiof5


    My tendons on the upper outside of my ankles feel like they are being stretched like a rubber band. Always hurting.

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