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During the school year I always get into a state of mind where I’m stressed with all the Kate work piling up. I feel to guilty to try and ease the stress through playing a video game or doing anything “fun”, because I feel like it only proves I don’t care about my school work. But if I try and do my work, I only can do a super small portion of it, and beat myself up over not being able to finish all it normally like I used to. I beat myself up over not being able to be “normal” like everyone else in the class. I get into this state where I am stuck in bed and cannot move to do something for my mood or to take care of my responsibilities. I end up doing this the whole entire day and use up all that time I could’ve put into finishing my pile of owed work, and then it piles on top of itself even more every day, and the cycle continues. It’s so hard doing simple things like typing only one word for an essay, or just straight up thinking of what I’m supposed to be doing when it comes to my work. I hate it and it makes me hate myself. As I get more behind the cycle and the negative feelings get worse. How do I counter this? It’s happened every year for the last few years since COVID started. I haven’t been able to feel fit in and act normal like every other one of my classmates since.

    • JingleP


      Hey, it sounds like you’re working very hard and doing your best. I really relate to not being able to keep up. I was an honors student but struggling because I was often either depressed or burnt out or just couldn’t do it. I remember not doing much homework and everyday telling myself “I’ll try harder, do better tomorrow.” Please don’t feel guilty. It’s hard to deny that you’re not keeping up at school, but you don’t need to beat yourself up. The reality is that regardless of situation there are so many students who struggle and can’t do well in school. They aren’t any lesser humans for that. Try to lessen your work load and your standards for how well you do. Also definitely seek out whatever resources you can get, like if you have a school psychologist, if you can talk to your teachers/professors. If you’re still in high school having your parent email teachers who are understanding, you might be able to get out of some missed assignments. It’s very clear that you do care. People assume that when students are not doing well it’s because they don’t try hard enough, and I always used to internalize that too. Now that I’m out of that I realize that I always did care and worked really hard. I’m sure it’s the same for you. But part of it is it can be scary to feel like you can’t work towards something you care about. I wish you the best in your journey ❤️

    • Alberto


      Hey, the fact that you don’t see other people’s difficulties doesn’t mean they don’t have any. I can relate to what you wrote, it’s hard for me to fit as well. What sometimes works for me is to keep up-fake it until you make it.

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