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How can i manage college and pots?

    • Mandranarums


      My number one suggestion would be to get set up with the disability services on your campus if you can. They will be able to give you whatever accommodations you need. It has been very helpful for me.

    • em0606


      i just graduated college, and wasn’t officially diagnosed with POTS, so i didn’t have access to accommodations. i’m about to start med school and am in the process of getting accommodations, which will be super helpful, so if that is an option for you, 10/10 would recommend. as far as things i actually did: 1. plan your class schedule to fit your fatigue symptoms best. for me, that meant not doing 8 AM classes as much as i could. i also hated sitting through long classes, so i scheduled my classes to be MWF so they were only 1 hr at a time. i also had better POTS symptoms in the morning, so i would schedule any long lab classes in the mornings as much as possible. 2. if you’re living on campus, try to pick a dorm as close to your classes, cafeteria, parking lot, as possible. that way if you’re having a high symptom day, you aren’t trapped in your room or being pushed to trek across campus while feeling bad. 3. if you’re comfortable with it, let your friends know what’s up! i always explained that i had a condition that just made me really tired especially after standing for long periods of time. they knew that after labs, or other long classes, i needed time to chill, and they would understand. 4. keep a schedule of all of your assignments, and work ahead as you can. for me this was a huge lifesaver my senior year. getting as ahead as possible meant if i had a day where i unexpectedly needed to take time to chill, i had the time to do that. 5. drink as much water as you can, exercise as much as you can tolerate, eat regularly and make decent food choices. i’m sure you’ve heard all of this before, but keeping up with basic health things will help to keep things level. obviously it’s not going to cure your pots, but making sure these things aren’t actively working against you is a good move. that’s all i can think of for right now, but you can definitely message me if you have more specific questions!

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