I dont know how to work this thing good. I had wart side hand. Smoking cigerates started it think. Put wart oil on there from website once. Was smoking I quit now put just came off once. Put oil on about 4 more times. Don't know going through roots. Need keratoma cream try Chinese or oriental stuff ebay. Or safer online. Cerva something cream exfoliate get from Dermatoligist Monday. Idea now look on internet keratomas oriental. Have good day. Permenant prayer no more warts skin problems.

Viral Infection

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  • Atlasmissionary


    I just seen wart remover pen it is Lazer from Balahome. Maybe need get website better. Think go to Lazer dermatoligist work on skin don't want to take more off then suppose to because did have big wart never really get anymore

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