tell me a random fact you know about animals

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  • Shensiki


    The loudest animal in the world is a mere 2cm long. The Pistol Shrimp is capable of snapping its claw shut so rapidly, that it creates a bubble which collapses to produce a sonic blast.

    • Keeby


      I did not know that !

  • perpetually_bored


    There are 339 breeds of dogs officially recognized by the FCI. I know them all by heart

  • frog_of_destiny


    there’s a species of frog called a pumpkin toadlet (not a toad- even though scientifically toads are frogs) that doesn’t have good spacial awareness and balance because of its ear canals, so they kinda just cartwheel through the air instead of jumping

  • justyourlocalcryptid


    snow leopards aren’t known to be aggressive over their kills, unlike other big cats. they’ll usually back away from other predators, forfeiting their meal. their behavior changes even more so around humans, snow leopards may even become nocturnal to avoid confrontation. they’re certainly solitary by nature. mothers will raise their young for a couple years, but adults only hunt together during mating season. their lives are very solitary 🤷

  • Iden


    Dolphins will huddle in a group around a pufferfish and scare it, the pufferfish secretes fumes when it expands and the dolphins get high off of those fumes

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