When I was diagnosed with PCOS i told my doctor I wanted the testosterone in my body. Thats what I still want. but I let her put me on birth control and that made things so much worst for me. Ive gained almost 200 pounds doing the same things that use to help me lose weight. I have never really eatten enough yet Im so much over weight. Im active almost every day and no loss. Im male but Im so curvy it's so hard to accept myself.


Polycystic Ovary (PCOS)

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    I had extreme weight gain with birth control and personally coming off birth control has helped to stop more weight gain. I went vegan and I had a significant change in symptoms where I don't need the birth control to regulate or treat the cysts. I know not everyone can go vegan but (I have medical field experience but I am not a doctor) i suggest trying to get off the birth control and trying a plant based diet and also look into if u have hyperinsulinemia (related to pcos) bc there are some treatments that could help with that like GLP1 shots (that send signals to the brain curbing appetite and keeping insulin levels in check) and metformin. Hyperinsulinemia may be what's causing losing weight to be hard (in addition to pcos). hope I can help some and if u have any questions feel free to message me or reply back and I'll try to answer with what I know & based on my experiences!!

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      Ive been off of it for a while just because the refills expired but thank you alot

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