ive been having no manic episodes (whenever i have them im super productive with self care and doing things around the house). it's been about a month and I've been stuck in a state where i don't do anything. i have lost motivation for everything. i need an income of money to pay for bills and even though that's extremely important, i just can't bring myself out of bed. i can't seem to get anything done. my depression plays a part as well. i don't know what to do...

Attention-Deficit Disorder


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  • Maddy..3456_..45


    Trust me it will get better I have been through this before but think of your favorite activity or sport to go do that's what gets me up and out of bed in the morning.

  • Delirium


    Sometimes when I have no motivation it helps to research something new and that gets me into a new fun special interest. Maybe try hitting the random Wikipedia page button until you find something interesting!

  • mybees


    This is the absolute worst place to be stuck. I am just now digging out. I absolutely understand. I always rolled my eyes at the advice I'm about to give so I understand if it doesn't resonate. I had to get into my own head deep. It felt stupid at first. I'd make small deals with myself. I'd pick (or have someone else pick) one small thing. I'd tell myself I only had to do it for 10 minutes and then if I wanted I could get back on the couch. Small little steps. Body doubling is my get shit done go to. Also therapy is tremendously helpful for me. My therapist doesn't even really advise on anything but getting the words out is good. I was "frozen" for over 6 months and almost lost everything I have due to a complete inability to move or make a decision. I don't fight or flight, I freeze. Sending loving vibes your way. It gets better

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