I'm not sure whether the thyroid issue or my depression make it harder to cook at home or clean up.
I get off work and finish running all my errands and taking care of my family and I'm exhausted, but know I need to eat, but then also don't have the oomph to clean my kitchen from the night before.
which then makes it hard to cook again cause it's so exhausting.

I'm trying to eat healthier, but it's a vicious circle of exhaustion. does anyone else deal with this and how do you handle it?

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  • mynewfriend


    I struggle with energy levels. My doctors want me to increase my activity level but that takes so much out of me, there's nothing left. I'm trying to get a healthy diet going, but definitely feel the cycle of exhaustion. My newest attempt at tackling this, though very slowly progressing, is to include other people in my journey, people like online friends and my siblings who can encourage me but don't rely on me every day. It's good to have a team behind you!

  • Cara55


    I get that for me even when I don't do anything all day in the afternoon I get fatigued also whenever I go to the grocery store or go to my therapist basically anything that's overestimating when I get home I'm fatigued/tired.

    • mynewfriend


      Grocery stores are the worst!

  • SylviaRae


    Both! They are both energy stealers. I struggle the same way

  • Momdabomb


    I have decision fatigue from 30 years of making meals for others and some days I just want to throw a smoothie in the blender and call it good

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