I've begun to feel like I'm a useless piece of garbage in society and it's really breaking me down. I can't drive because I get seizures too often and still live with my parents at the age of 29. I feel like I'll never have any independence and die alone. I try to stay happy but I'm so sick of fighting.



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  • LadyTauriel


    Oh girl can I relate *hug* I felt like the most worthless sack of poo when I couldn't drive, was having 4-5 seizures a day, and was living with my parents till 24 and mother-in-law till 29. I got lucky. We were finally able to pinpoint the cause of my epilepsy and I've had 2 brain surgeries to try and help. I'm about to hit 4 years seizure free after not being able to drive or really exist alone for over 10 years. Idk if you've ever watched lord of the rings, but in the 3rd movie Faramir/Boromir's brother is talking to Pippin and basically saying that he's not strong like his father wants. Pippin then says "I think you have strength of a different kind." So while our epilepsy hinders us from functioning like a normal person, it shows just has strong we can be. It's not easy living with a disease whwre you're always apprehensive because you never know when the seizure is gonna hit. You're always welcome to message me.

  • Haiylee


    I cant drive either so I dint ever get to go out. I miss concerts, I cant work past 6 pm because my seizures are nocturnal and im notballowed to be in the office alone.

    • Alexei


      I never been to a concert and wanted to try to go to one but now I think that dream has been ruined for me

  • Alexei


    I agree heavily even though I'm just 17 now. I may know how to drive right now and driven only once at 8, I now can't get a job or drive legally still. And not being able to live the way I want to is exactly what I've been saying is gonna happen to me.😥

  • JustK


    I am the absolute worst person for this thread. I still drive and have totaled 3 cars, most recent one a month ago. And constantly have them at jobs. But hey🤗 i may have epilepsy but it does not have me. You got this hun. Its honestly a downer some days because i still feel like i have to be babysat. Like not being able to swim alone or things like that then i have also made peice with leaving earth some day so i still swim alone anyway.

    • Taintedoctopus28


      thank you. This really helps

  • jmr2191


    I remember that feeling all too well. The inability to drive due to uncontrolled seizures while living at home...nothing makes you feel handicapped that like that situation. Living options are limited, vocational options are limited. I'm 31. Took me awhile to get out of my parents' house for just that reason, but I did. If you have refractory epilepsy, have you considered surgical options (resection/laser ablation) or neuromodulation (RNS/DBS/VNS)?

  • Blacknight_se8


    I would say give it to God. He keeps me going and gives me purpose. Don't let it control you. There are things you can do. Just ask God.

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