What sorta emotions did you have upon receiving any of your diagnosesis?

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • decj90


    Which diagnosis?

  • sarahrose42


    Definitely denial for some of them, and confusion for others

  • ChickenGirl1204


    It depended on the diagnosis. For anxiety/depression, I was young enough where I wasn't exposed to the stigma right away so it was kinda like "oh, ok." Skin issues were more "UGH what is this." BMI/Overweight stuff is always tough for me. The BMI scale is already not reliable and reasonable, but I really don't need to get the printouts of "how to lose weight" every time I go to the doctor...I want to, obviously, but I wish it was more of a focus on "you're healthy, that's all that matters."

  • loveshespoke


    A huge sense of grief.

  • ThatGreenGent


    Relief. I thought it was much worse but the diagnosis was thought to be much worse than what it actually is.

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