hi! just got diagnosed with endometriosis a few months ago. only because I was so so sick and losing so much weight, doctors finally found that I had a cyst that needed to be removed, when they went in they found endometriosis and removed what they could. it's only been a few months but I'm already starting to feel pain again that lasts even after my period. I also get very very nauseous and can barley eat. does anyone else feel nauseated from their endometriosis? before finding out I had it, I lost 40 pounds from getting so sick. also what is the best thing to do for endometriosis?


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  • Giaaa


    I get very nauseous! I had a cyst removed and also have endometriosis. I lost 5 pounds last week because I was randomly nauseated. Some weeks are worse than others. I have thrown up from it in the past, but was recently prescribed orilissa and norethindrone because of the severity of the endo. They are really helping with pain. They have some side effects but not too bad for me personally. You should talk to your doctor about treating the pain or see an endometriosis specialist if your doctor now isn’t helping you.

  • Pisces2022


    I have complex endometrial hyperplasia atypia. On Medroxyprogesterone 10mg 4 times daily & it makes me feel dizzy. Started spotted and pain was only on left side. Has anyone ever had this? Pls help

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