I havent really talked to anyone other than my close friends and family for years, but I have been extremely lonely and I find it hard to make friends so I didn't even try to for years. I started talking to this guy about a week ago and he seemed super sweet and understanding at first, but he became pushy and asked me to change from playing a game on my phone and go on the computer. I tried explaining that I can't because of my pain and also that there was a big pile of laundry on my chair. He straight up called me lazy. I regret doing this but I did as he asked, but it has bothered me ever since and I blocked him today. I already get treated like crap due to my illness from my family and I don't need it from my so called friend. I think I should stick to this app instead because at least I know you all are understanding of my illnesses.

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  • Aves_Elise


    I totally get that sometimes people can be unwilling to understand! I recently lost a group of people who I thought were my friends due to them being inappropriate about my disability and making comments on how they should mess with my insulin! It may be hard but I do think having friends is important even if you don’t have a bunch. This app is a wonderful way to talk to people and I think having your close friends around is extremely good!! But on the other hand, I think leaving when it comes to it is a good skill to have and I applaud your ability to leave the situation

    • MaxIsWack2


      thank you. I have learned from past mistakes of staying in those situations for too long and I decided I wouldn't let that happen again.

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