With anxiety, depression and ADHD. I currently take zoloft (sertaline) 150mg daily but I'm wondering if a different medication would work better. Has anyone taken one of the genetic tests to see what medication your body would respond best to?



Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Mandy


    I would love to know that as well.

  • Tom1991


    From what I understand, the research on these tests is quite lacking, and even after getting the results, you would still need to adjust your doses accordingly to how you feel. Try it if you can afford it, but I'd say - don't expect too much. Please keep us updated on the process!

  • heidilynne


    I took one of the gene tests to see what medication, would help me best, and I have to say it really help me understand why I've been thru so many medications, and now I'm finally got the the right ones it really helps me.

  • Quinee


    Thanks for this post! This is the first time I'm ever heard of this type of testing. Please keep us updated :)

  • Kikaleeks


    I did one of these a few years ago and it’s surprisingly accurate. My psychiatrist accidentally put me on a medication that was on what she called my red list and it was unbelievable how bad it made me feel, in ways I couldn’t even describe!

  • Aisy


    I took one and I personally think it's not worth it. The med they rated best for me gave me terrible side effects that sent me to the ER. It's different for everyone though but I think just trying meds at your doctor's pace works better, even though it's annoying lol.

  • klmc0720


    🤗 I was on zoloft but it still didn't help my motivation, so my Dr put me on a medicine called effexor. It makes you get up and move, gives you energy, makes you lose weight, but the downsides are you sweat alot and it can make your heart race, amd once it wears off, u might feel like you need a nap, but over all a really good mood stabilizer

  • Alberto


    Hey Kikaleeks, do you remember the name of the pills? I might’ve been put on the same thing because I felt terrible after taking what my psychiatrist gave me.

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