So I just started a 10 day 3 times a day valtrex stint. then one a day every day forever. it makes my guts feel like I'm dying. This is all new... I hate it.. I feel gross... just found out Thursday I got it from my husband of 5 years after he boned a meth hoe.

Herpes Simplex

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  • smallgirl


    I also got it from my husband (well ex now) and I know how you feel....I've had it for three years now I'm in a new relationship with someone who doesnt have herpes, I have a kid. you can get alittle lost in the fact you have herpes but I promise you it will get better. If you need to vent or someone to just talk to I'm here💕

  • Shebear13


    I have had it about 30 years boyfriend gave it to me. But didn't tell me he had it.

  • gemjalbeezy


    I take it everyday too!! Tough at first, I'm proud of you💕

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