I hate doing this but I've been stuck in a funk of depression for almost 3months. I'm constantly thinking about my son that passed away 7yrs ago. spending time with my oldest helps but then we fight so I slip deeper into a depression. any ideas of how to help? I refuse to take medication because the 9 I've tried has sent me into suicidal mood. I've attempted once. I'm on a waiting list for a counselor but that's been 2 years now. I hate sleeping all the time and ignoring my son when he's around.

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  • stormer


    Take the time you need to grieve. There's no right amount everyone deals with things differently. Try for a little of time to spend time with your other child . You lost a child , but to your child that's here they lost a sibling and a parent. Even though you are still on this earth if you are just sleeping all the time the child that is still here is suffering because they don't have you. Maybe if you don't feel like getting up ask that child if they want to cuddle,read a book, watch a show on tv, even just talk. You will get out of bed one day when you feel ready,but for now try to do little things. ❤️

    • Andizee


      thank you. I definitely needed to hear that.

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