I’m mostly looking for a space to vent about chronic pain. It sucks, yeah?

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  • coffeemama


    Same here! And yes, it sucks! 😥

  • UnicornDream


    ✋same here

  • elyse.g


    same here, i’ve been dealing with this headache since january. 131 days, no relief. i’ve tried every medication approved for my age group and i’m running out of options.

    • Kaidi


      same here, I've had my headache since August 1st 2017 and still going strong. I have tried so many different routes to control/eliminate pain but it's so frustrating and difficult

  • nerd.of_all.things


    It sucks!! And I feel like I'm crazy because no one else around me seems to actually get it.

  • Teardrops


    Dealing so much pain. I have turned to THC gummies and lotions and bath bombs because I have not had much luck with doctors and the pain management clinic

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