Has anyone had to increase from 50 mg to 100 mg for sleep? I was prescribed Trazodone for sleep. It worked well the first week but not so well after that...




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  • LabyrinthGarden


    yes we used to take that but now we take 30 mg of mirtazapine because trazodone stopped working for us but I recommend you to talk to your doctor about increasing the dose for the meds first then see how that goes and if you do ask about mirtazapine if you begin to take it you're gonna become very drowsy the first two days or weeks depending on how long you get used to it

  • SparkleFlyer


    I started at 100 trazadone and ended up at 200.

  • Smashum


    Trazadone kept me awake for days. 😥 I use melatonin with Tylenol pm...but that doesn't always work. I'm not a smoker but I've started these cbd with low dose thc gummies and I SLEEP. Wake up without the grogginess, though, sometimes I don't want to get up just because I finally slept and it felt great. Lol

  • Freckledhen


    I've been on 200 mg trazadone for years. Sometimes it doesn't help so much but I don't want to increase anything

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