I’ve been planning on talking to my doctor about using a cane and my appointment is tomorrow. This isn’t an appointment specifically to talk about a cane (I’m getting trigger point injections) but it will be with my pain specialist. I need to tell my mom about this tonight because I live with my parents and she will be at the appointment. I’m really scared about how she will react because I don’t think she has ever taken me 100% serious. I’m already struggling with losing abilities and I really can’t handle her being upset with me on top of that. Does anyone have advice on how to tell her that I want to bring up mobility aid use to my doctor? I don’t want her to think I’m being dramatic or giving up.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS)

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  • justkittenya


    I would definitely list out why you feel having a cane would support you (I’m happy to help talk through how it would help), and how much it would mean to have her back up and support. A cane isn’t very expensive on Amazon, so cost wouldn’t be a huge concern.

  • AngelArson


    listing out the ways a cane would help you, the cons of not using a cane, and then just seeing what the specialist says. i do warn though if you have any shoulder instability that you may want to consider another aid since a cane redirects pressure to your shoulders and it caused mine to dislocate

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