Anyone just feel physically drained all the time? I swear all I want to do is sleep and I get so tired so fast.

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

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  • bluerev22


    Yes. Always. No matter how much rest you get it’s never enough. You could be resting all day and then do something for 5 minutes and just be completely drained.

  • Fernando


    Yes!! My AS keeps me tired the entire day. I get to the noon and feel like I haven’t slept a minute in night

  • Vadania


    Absolutely! It’s so frustrating being so young and so exhausted

  • KateTheGreat


    I’ve had it for 17 years now . I worked in the film business all that time up until 3 years ago . 60 plus hours a week , so stressed out . And so tired all of the time . My body finally put its foot down and I started fainting and had a stroke . I haven’t worked since . I’m still tired and after having had severe covid 14 months ago I just can’t pull it back together .

  • DizzyBrown


    Yes, always. It’s our immune system constantly working hard.

  • Wormymcsquirmy


    Absolutely, I feel like I used to be able to stay awake forever but now if I get less than 10 hours of sleep, I feel so drained :/ and even then, I’ll get tired by 9😪

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