So yesterday I was doing my makeup at my friends house and I had a lot more trouble then usually I got very very angry over it and was cranky about it for hours even kept saying how horrible I looked in an angry tone plus I threw the eyeliner a crossed the room I knew it probably seemed dumb to her because she insisted I looked pretty but is it normal for me to become that upset over something so small ? I have bipolar disorder and BPD but sometimes I feel like there’s just something wrong with me because I get so mad and sad very quickly

Bipolar Disorder

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  • me.e


    Can you please stop describing my life!?

  • Loft



  • souljiaboy


    i do this but honestly i think its hormones

  • Grock


    Moodswings suck! Do you know your triggers? Take note of your behavior and see if there are any commonalities. Are you hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable, ect?

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