I’m trans and my doc forced me off T after my IIH diagnosis - so far I haven’t found a doc willing to let me back on it. Hoping to connect with someone else on T with IIH about whether you were able to continue?

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  • LiamOLaubach


    Bro same im trans w iih. I’ve been trying to get on T for almost a year now and my ophthalmologist keeps pushing it back until i’ve healed. I haven’t been able to get on it, they’ve been really insistent. I’m really sorry this is happening to you too. Good to know l’m not the only one, though, this shit is painful.

  • lotus413


    What is the reasoning for that? I'm super curious now how it impacts it. I hope you both get T sooner than later!

    • LiamOLaubach


      thank you :) in my case, my ophthalmologist told me it was partly because testosterone is a steroid (he is cautious about that because certain steroids have been linked to iih) but mostly it’s due to the fact that he just doesn’t want me on any other medications that could mess with my healing and treatment (plus he’s not an endocrinologist, so he’s being cautious about things he’s not an expert in).

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