Idk about you guys but I am so sick of people self diagnosing with bpd. Like I didn’t even know what it meant or was until it was brought up to me by a therapist and later on went to diagnose me. Borderline personality disorder is not something to self diagnose with. It takes awhile of therapy to determine and has lots of symptoms other disorders have. It’s not a trend for everyone to have. It’s a mental disorder.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • alyssaryan


    you need to see my papers or something like ???? i get what you’re saying but you’re coming off as classist. not everyone has able access to psychiatry and you should maybe think about that before you come on here and spew this lol.

  • Hhhhh


    I self diagnosed eight years before I could get a diagnosis. Let people live, we’re all doing our best.

  • Moh


    This mindset completely ignores how ableist, classiest and generally flawed the medical system truly is. If someone does the proper research, rules out other things, sits for /years/ with the information and research and realize they fit every diagnostic box of a disorder??? A peice of paper isn't going to change that and they'd most likely be professionally diagnosed anyway if they could be, give people a break and stop throwing stones at other ill people with a different story and background then you, this /app/ even supports self diagnosis (the what year your symptoms started vs what year you were professionally diagnosed feature)

  • VoodooHorizon


    self diagnosis, when done in good faith is meant to help the person diagnosing themselves. pretty sure not a lot of people want to flaunt having bpd. I self diagnosed and brought it to the attention of my therapist who AGREED with my research. it's not always harmful.

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