Hey, has anyone else dealing with chronic back pain tried or considered a spinal stimulator? My pain management doctor wants me to do a trial and I’m curious to hear about other’s experiences.

Chronic Low Back Pain

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  • Belugabear


    I’m considering one too, let me know if you try it!

  • Daz


    Never heard of it!

  • PolyPotato


    My grandma had one. It helped her more than mess but not 100%

  • Lygia


    I have one and it hasn't helped me at all. I'm actually in the process of trying to get it removed. I did alot of research on my Facebook groups and it was mixed. Some swore by it some said it did nothing. My aunt had one and it helped for like 10 years. So it's mixed. Do the trail. Worse case it doesn't help and go back to the drawing board. But my advice only get the permanent one it trail helps like 80% or better. Mine was like 50ish.

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