Hi, I wanted to talk to some other people who take Naltrexone, and if it’s not too invasive, ask what you take it for?


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  • SkylerBoByler


    I take it to deal with impulsiveness and self harming behavior. It works kinda.

  • DancingZebra


    I take it also for impulsive behavior and it helps with sugar cravings as well. I feel more “normal” the days I take it and more dysregulated on days I forget. I only take 4.5 mg right now but I did amazing on 60 mg. That doctor isn’t in practice now and my new doctor is weird about that dosage so I just deal with it but I wish I could do the 60 again. Best I ever felt in my life.

  • Frankie


    I take it for alcohol use disorder, it stops cravings for alcohol and opiates :)

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