how did you all approach opening up the ocd conversation in therapy? i find it so difficult to talk about and find a therapist able to work with me on it

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Rasin


    my ocd is connected to my psychosis so eventually i had to tell my doctor what was going on. talk to your doctor about just getting a therapist and start talking about the easy stuff and work your way up remember it’s confidential and they see this stuff all the time

  • Glacier


    it was very hard for me because i was scared of admitting i was struggling. you don’t always have to start with the hard stuff. you can start with the easy stuff and work your way up. whenever you feel comfortable ofc!

  • clover99


    Honestly I was lucky, I had never heard of it until a counselor told me that was what these random things I was doing was, but I was also a teenager/child. Just bring up intrusive thoughts, that you can't stop doing a certain thing (whatever the compulsion) and ask if that's what they think it is. If you're already diagnosed, then just tell the new counselor flat out, I also have OCD.

  • Lms526


    When I first started treatment, I was struggling with harm and suicide OCD. I was terrified to tell my counselor. I thought for sure I would end in jail or involuntarily committed to a psych ward. But a counselor that understands OCD has heard it all before. There is nothing you can say that is going to shock or surprise them. They also will not judge you for your intrusive thoughts. If you aren't honest, they can't help you. Telling the counselor about your intrusive thoughts is scary. But it is also incredibly freeing.

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