How do I know when the depressive episode turns into a psychotic depressive episode?


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  • 707kimber


    Just Speaking For Myself, Because Everyone Is Different! I Get Depressed 😥 🙌 ❤️ 😔 and Angry 😤 At The Same Time!!

  • Cici_Njuguna


    For me, I get super empty inside but also overwhelmed. But then again, it’s all new for me.

  • Scarlettrose


    For me, I can't quit crying and lay in bed awake or asleep. I can't be around people. I isolate big time.

  • Cici_Njuguna


    How can I get passed it? I don’t want it to escalate into being hospitalized. And does anyone else have a problem with the mental health hospital? I went to one and they barely took care of us. I hope this treatment isn’t universal.

  • angelrot


    For me I will start to see more not real things and start losing time. I will also have more unexplained (black out actions) things around that confuse me. -Mason (they/them)

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