If you use mobility aids, especially canes, how did you first know you needed one and how has it helped? I was diagnosed with Fibro recently but have been debating getting a cane due to some reccurent balance issues and general fatigue/pain (esp in the hip/knee/back) when walking for longer periods of time.

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  • Khrysstee


    I recently got a cane due to balance issues. It's kept me from falling again!! Good luck!

  • Dreaming84


    I use one when I’m doing a lot of walking especially on unlevel ground

  • SnowRose


    I was the same way. I was having trouble walking while at work, so I asked my PCP about a cane. She said it might help with balance and spreading out the pressure that's causing the pain. It helped for a while. My fibro got worse and I ended up on crutches (underarm and forearm). Now I have a walker to help me when I'm at work.

  • Painsucks320


    I first noticed when I started falling a lot. And then the fear started where I’m afraid to go downstairs and afraid to dance or do things. I have an appointment this next week to talk to my doctor about getting an aid.

  • moonstone


    this is a great question

  • moonstone


    i just fell and broke my sacrum on river rocks a month ago but im having trouble with how to cary the big bag of all the meds and fluids i need to be out while also using a cane, much less going shopping, etc. how do you carry anything without going off balance?

  • BirdNerd


    Don't fear mobility aids. They are awesome and give you so much freedom! I knew I needed a cane when I started hobbling due to the severe pelvic and hip pain I was experiencing. Simple canes are fairly inexpensive, and it is one thousand percent worth it to get one and at least try it for a little while! 😊🤗

  • Albuquerky


    I was having trouble walking long distances, especially after I went in vacation. It felt like 5 minutes of walking was all I could take. After getting a cane, I feel more secure even if I don't need it. And when I do it's nice to have my "third leg" as I call it to keep me upright.

  • DanniKai


    I was using my husband's cane occasionally due to some minor balance issues and my joints dislocating, but here recently my mobility/balance has gptten worse as has the diclocation of my knee & hip on the left side so I got my own cane... It has helped tremendously and I'm glad I got it... I don't have to use it all the time but on my bad days it really helps... I think the thing that hurts me the most with it is the way people judge me for using it but I've always had a thick skin so I'm used to it by now...

  • Tot


    I feel that… I have been acting all tough, but I know I need help.

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