What symptoms will indicate that my
condition is progressing?


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  • jolyne


    i'd look at your behavior first. has your sleep schedule changed (sleeping too much or too little)? have you been feeling disinterested or apathetic towards your hobbies/interests? have you been forgetting or putting off hygiene responsibilities? are you procrastinating more than usual? next, i'd try to be mindful of your cognitive symptoms. have you been experiencing irritability or sadness over things you normally wouldn't? can you envision your future? do you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others? have you been feeling more anxious than normal? these, among others, can be predecessors to a depressive episode. i'd make sure to identify your symptoms or other indicators that you usually experience during a depressive episode, & see which ones you are experiencing now. i hope this helped!!

  • Bugs22


    This information has indicated that I am definitely in a depressive episode ๐Ÿ˜

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