How do you handle a coworker who is passive aggressive and sometimes snarky.
☹️ I am a highly- sensitive person and have social anxiety. I am also a preschool teacher.
Thanks. 😊

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  • Nat123


    You be yourself . Assertive and don’t allow anyone to bully you. Do things at your pace on your terms . They aren’t in your shoes like I keep telling them .

  • doodle123


    I feel it is really challenging for me to take up for myself in the moment.

  • jjharkan


    They're only snarky because they're cowards. They know they can feel like they won something or made a point, and they don't even have to fight. The reality is that most people don't want to fight. They either want to be left alone or get along. They will continue to do it until you confront them. Which is an unfortunate position for those of us that are socially anxious.

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