Are there any other medications or treatment that you have found to help reduce/take away your pain?

Gastritis, Duodenitis (Not Infectious)

Chronic Pain in foot and toes

Abdominal Distention

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  • Jae04


    Pain away essential oil! There’s wonderful essential oils that simply get mixed in with coconut oil and are thoroughly rubbed into the skin and it helps me.

    • Meka76


      Does that help with arthritis in the foot?

  • MrPain


    Hi Fed_up ! I have tried several oils and other natural things even CBD oils from hemp and Marijuana. Nothing has taken the pain from my Right Foot that hurts 24/7. If you or anyone comes across something that works let me know

  • Mermaid3835


    Start a diet that is anti -inflammatory : no eggs, dairy, meat. These cause mucous, which causes inflammation, which causes pain and illness. Eat only vegetables 🥦 vegetables 🥕 vegetables 🥗! Research Dr. Sebi on YouTube. I began and it has helped me with the terrible pain . You , that has a right foot issue. You might have heart problems ! See a doctor to see. The other thing it could be is blockage of your Lymphatic System . I ordered Lymphatic drainage ( of toxins) from the internet to help my son. It eased up . Massaging the area also helped.

  • MrPain


    Hi Mermaid3835, I am exercising/water Therapy twice a week. My heart Doctor said I have strong Heart Muscles. I have tried going Vegan for a year. Nothing changed. I lost weight but, Pain still there

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