Any remedies for bloating? It’s due to gastroparesis and IBD


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  • Ricecakers


    Heating pad helps me!

  • chronicurls


    I agree about the heating pad. If that doesn’t help, try a bland food diet. if your symptoms are related to your IBS and gastroparesis, then it’s a good thing to try. I went on a bland diet for about a month and my bloating completely stopped. of course not everything is the same as anyone. I wish the best for you

  • Quinee


    I agree about the heating pads. I also recommend drinking plenty of water, eating simple foods (steamed and without spices), regular meal times, and daily exercise.

  • Neomi


    I used to eat yogurt with probiotics every day and when I did that I never felt bloated. Also drinking plenty of water always helps.

  • Angie


    Not a remedy but I stopped drinking sodas and chewing gums, it helped!

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