How long have you had trich and what are some health damages it has done to you besides hair loss and feeling shame?

Trichotillomania (TTM)

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  • Jewellia


    I’ve had trich since 6th grade, I’m 24 now. Trich damaged my self esteem and self worth hugely. I feel like it’s the base of all my problems tbh

  • Juliekay


    I’ve had trich since I was like 4 ( i can’t remember when i started pulling let alone why) Trich has damaged my self esteem. I’m 23 now and i don’t think i can get rid of trich, i just have to learn how to manage it.

  • Zstephaniet


    I’ve had trich since 3rd grade, it doesn’t usually cause any physical damages which is a relief, people tried to scare me into stopped by saying my eyelashes won’t grow back but they don’t realize that stresses me out and makes it worst! Biggest thing is just the public eye, finding your beauty without eyelashes, brows, or even hair, will help you tremendously with self esteem like people commented. I’m 20 now and my trich is still occurring but it doesn’t show anymore, and I other then maybe adding a few wrinkles to my future I don’t think it’s damaged me too bad :)

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