PSA: I know this doesn’t fit under depression but I just wanna vent & get this out, & I couldn’t find a tag for being in shock after a traumatic experience.

I’m visiting my grandparents right now, on my mom’s side. I was going for a walk with my grandma in the canyon, & when we were in the car about to drive away, we saw an old man fall down, backwards, & hit his head on the pavement.

So I jumped out the car & ran over & called 911. The woman who answered was really nice & helpful, & asked us to keep him still. The guy was kind of big, & he kept on coming in & out of consciousness. He’d wake up & asked if it happened when he was in his car. & he kept asking this, so he’d gotten some sort of brain damage & short term memory problems.

He also kept on trying to sit up & roll down the hill- we were on a slight incline, & me & my grandma had to keep him from rolling into the rocks & gravel. I was supporting his head, because I didn’t want dirt & rocks to get in the wound, & he was bleeding on my hand. But the woman asked if we could roll him on his back, & stop supporting his head. So we did, & the woman asked me to support his neck & tilt his forehead back.

I noticed that a few seconds before the ambulance got there that he stopped breathing. He had died. But then they were able to bring him back to life by shocking his chest, & when he woke up he started screaming & thrashing & trying to get away. It took three EMT people to restrain him. It was awful.

So then me & my grandma were sitting off to the side with the man’s dogs. He had two, & they were the sweetest. Very nice, very cuddly. I’m sure they could tell something was wrong too. They seemed to like us a lot by the time the cops got there. They asked for our information, phone numbers, how it all happened, etc. We got the man’s first name but not his last, & he had told us that he had a wife but fell asleep before we could get his number. But the cop- everyone is teasing me about how he’s my type, which I honestly didn’t notice- got a phone number from one of the dog’s tags, & he asked me to help him get the dogs into a truck because of how much they’d warmed up to us. I climbed up into the truck with treats but the cop ending up lifting the dogs up himself.

Now my family is saying I should look into taking an EMT class. I guess they think I would be good at it. I don’t know, I’m honestly still in shock. I keep wondering if it would have gone better if I had been a little faster. Or the way I had started crying after the EMT’s started treating him, when I was sitting off to the side with my grandma & the dogs. A nice old woman came up to me & said that I had been his angel, his savior. I don’t know.

I’m going to take a shower, & wash my clothes. I’ve still got blood under my fingernails, so it’d be nice to get that out. My mom said that in a few hours I can call the ER & ask how he’s doing. She had been a similar situation- she’d been the first on the scene, trying to help someone who’d been in a car accident, & when she called the ER later they told her that the woman she had helped would be fine. I really hope that will be the case here.


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