How do I get over a breakup?

I keep running over the things I did wrong and beating myself up for it. I know I need to move on and it I will eventually find someone else but I miss them so much and I don’t want to move on. They taught me so much and although I was a handful they put up with me until we both weren’t happy anymore. I wanted to fix everything in her life and make sure she was always in the best mood possible. I brought into the relationship insecurities that I thought I had in check. They did too but eventually because we wanted different things in the future I kept stressing about it and bringing it up. They are at the beginning of college( their sophomore year) and I just finished and am starting my masters so we wanted different things and were in different spots. They did not know the future and I had this one vision in mind. It became too much of us trying to make the other happy without looking at our own happiness.

I have all the answers and I know I need to move on but I miss all of the good memories we had.


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  • GrandLotus


    Rough. That does not sound like an easy situation. You have this vision for yourself and you need to keep executing on it. By doing that the right person will come in to your life. In the mean time date yourself. If you’d buy her a gift or something, but that for yourself. Don’t let your grooming and self care drop off either. All that will help. Don’t mourn the things you didn’t get to experience in the future with her, but just cherish the good memories and what you learned from her, and from the experience. But worry about that in a few months. For the time being, date yourself.

    • stache


      thank you for that reply ❤️ 🙏

  • Bassbeard15


    Its always really difficult to sit with the uncomfortable emotions of loss. But keep reminding yourself that grief and sorrow are merely temporary and be sure to be mindful of things that make you happy. For me, a hot shower does the trick. Or smelling candles. Once you get through the hard parts, you'll be able to take all of this as an opportunity to grow. But we are all proud of you in the meantime for sitting through the rough times.

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