Who else finds it weird telling a doctor for no latex gloves or any other medical equipment with latex in it

Allergy to latex

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  • MiniCooper



  • Kelsey86


    So true! Even if it’s in your file they just automatically go for the latex stuff and act annoyed when you correct them.

  • MooieModer


    I'm allergic to oranges, latex and i feel like im Burden and reluctant to speak up that i absolutely CAN NOT be exposed. My throat swells shut and people still "forget" and i feel unwanted, shunned unloved

  • wheels78


    I triple check every single appointment even if I have been with the same Drs or hospital for years

  • Dubai53


    I found out that I have latex allergies many moons ago...my daughter let the air out of a balloon in my face..bout 30 minutes later I was rush to the ER😥...I didn't know what it was back then...

    • wheels78


      I was diagnosed at age 2 basically the same way but I was the one with the balloon

  • MooieModer


    I found out coming home with my children from a bday party they were sent home with balloons and had to pull over the car and quick get out. Traded cars with my husband he drove the car with the balloons in it and i drove the car with all our weeked away gear so i could continue breathing.

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