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I've always been active as a dance teacher and competitive performer but I've always been sickly. I have asmatha and over 100 allergies I've had gastric sleeve to save my life from gastroparesis, and in June had back surgery, I've been lately facing severe lip and hand swelling dr thought allergic reaction but it's been a month.they also have thought I've had lupus for the past couple years but nothing ever happens about it .all I know is every day I'm tired ,sever over sensitive pain,cant eat and and now swelling up in my lips and hands while I sleep .any advice

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      That sounds really frustrating and hard to handle. I usually have better luck if I bring support to doc appts and game plan with the person before we get in so that when I start getting too tired to push the doc to run tests or whatever I have someone there to advocate for me. Not foolproof but it does help the likely hood of me actually getting help be just being handed off to another doc. I now keep documents- symptoms, other doc, meds, testing so I can just hand them the paper or folder. A lot of times it’s more helpful to talk about what’s in a certain one and then hand them just that one so they actually look it over. I would assume if I gave them the whole file they would look it over, but that hasn’t been the case. Feel like I’ve got to make it easy for my docs but also let them have the idea of what to do since if I say it outright, I’m less likely to get treated. I think of them like game day and “work meetings”. Gotta take it serious or I fall thru the cracks. Since I’ve started being support with me, now my family and friends don’t think I’m being dramatic when I try to explain that I already went to doc and didn’t really get help. I try to set them up for a “peak” day so I can be more present and it’s more productive. Not as easy as people think trying to get help and survive at the same time. Wish you the best of luck.

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