Travel tips?
We’re making our first longer road trip (7.5 hours) since my being determined ‘Chronically Ill’.
I get so uncomfortable and stiff being in one spot and not moving. Of course this week I’m having more issues with pain and swelling. My hopes aren’t high for this car ride being enjoyable 😅
Any tips besides chugging Tylenol (I’m also 12 weeks pregnant and can’t take anything else) religiously and maybe trying to nap?
I plan to hot shower as soon as we get there and I’ll have access to a hot tub, but other than those and hydration I’m just blanking on if there is anything else I can do to be comfortable and not miserable.

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  • ferngully


    necessities: snacks, magazines or books, good music or an interesting podcast, NECK PILLOW, blanket, maybe a puzzle/fidget toy (like a rubik’s cube)?

  • Snowy


    Take breaks often! Every hour if you need to, but it's actually recommended to take breaks minimum every 2 hours - not good to let that blood and fluid pool in your legs and feet. Getting up and walking around periodically should help with fluid build up. There are also exercises that you can do in a car. Try looking those up (e.g. car yoga, car exercises, etc) and they may help you stay a little active while sitting! I just recently did a very long (24+ hrs) road trip over the summer with my boyfriend. A good playlist helps too!

  • HopeWarrior


    Everything Snowy plus keep your feet elevated so they don’t swell. May want to go low sodium today just so you don’t retain more. Every two hours stop and walk and stretch to avoid DVTs. Peace and Good Luck 🍀

  • cecilyella


    a personal massager (size of your choosing) is a miracle on long road trips and you dont have anywhere to stop and stand/stretch. if you can, too, pain relief patches!

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