Ive been on zoloft for 2 years for depression and anxiety and it stopped doing shit recently. I’m getting switched to prozac in a few weeks after I move out of state. I’m terrified, i have no idea what it’s going to do, if it’s gonna make it worse, if i’m gonna have side effects. I’ve also just given up on antidepressants working for me since they never really helped that much. I also smoke weed occasionally which i’ve heard can mess with my meds. any advice with any of this?

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • HoneybeeBunny


    The most important thing to remember is that unfortunately treating mental health isn't an exact science. Meds take trial and error (I'm on zoloft and welbutrin xl currently and I tried Prozac in the past) if you're able to pair it with therapy I'd suggest that as well

    • burgersoup


      i'm seconding this. meds really only work as a way to give you the energy to function the way you already have the mental tools necessary to. therapy will help work in conjunction with your medication to give you the foundational coping mechanism and such to improve ur quality of life

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