I have severe OCD and it’s crippling me. Recently been experiencing severe episodes of stress so much so I haven’t been at work for days. Are performing my compulsions (counting, knocking, picking, checking, organizing) negatively impacting my progress? Should I refrain or give in? Any coping mechanisms help

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  • Ladoo


    Compulsions essentially stop us from making progress in our mental health so minimizing them would be beneficial. From personal experience journaling or coloring has helped me at least get my mind out of ruminating but everyone has their own coping skills.

    • Zbug00


      thank you so much!

  • AirGirl


    Hello, sorry to hear about the increase in distress. It’s a viscous cycle I’ve noticed- the more I call into work the worse my stress gets as mine tends to be avoidance from fear of performing at work. Then the compulsions get worse so avoidance tends to reinforce the behaviors- for me anyway. The compulsions also reinforce the cycle. Stress management, limiting compulsions and easing back into work if possible has been helpful. Exposure response prevention is a treatment modality that people find effective if you haven’t done it before.

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