Working with gastroenterologist to determine what causes 1) noxious, gassy, prolonged burping and flatulence, followed within 2-3 hours by 2) explosive diarrhea with 10-15 episodes over next 12 hours until my system is purged. Then I feel fine until next occurrence. 1-2 weeks may go by between these bouts. No pain and no bleeding. Monitoring fodmap diet, BMs and sleep patterns. Suggestions please?



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  • Lunagurl


    Have you been tested for SIBO?

  • RedPine2


    Hi Lunagurl, Thanks for your help! I saw a gastroenterologist earlier this month who had blood drawn and had me provide a stool sample in a dry container (then frozen) and another in a red liquid. Awaiting test results. I think you have nailed it with SIBO, which he did not mention by name. I have many of the symptoms as described in SIBO info. Thanks again!

    • HealthCoach


      have you had any results from the doctor? Diagnosis?

      • RedPine2


        Responding on 7/30/22 Hello! Thanks for asking. Since seeing a gastroenterologist in February and June 2022, my explosive diarrhea episodes have decreased from occurring every 4-5 days to fewer episodes each month. I hope to complete July 2022 without any episodes for the first month since summer of 2021. The progress in controlling the explosive diarrhea has been accomplished by minor changes in diet (including eliminating most chocolate) and closely monitoring my tendency to toward constipation. No medications were involved. To review, my frequent stomach distress pattern was: 1) Constipation lasting more than three days. 2) A daylong explosive diarrhea episode occurring in this order: - Onset of loud, foul-smelling burps and flatulence building over 2-4 hours. - Escalating nausea and/or vomiting - Multiple episodes of urgent, explosive diarrhea. Often 10-12 urgent episodes over 6-12 hours. - Return to “normal” after the diarrhea purge. No bleeding, pain or other residual effects from the episode. - No bowel movements for 3-4 days until next explosive diarrhea event. Frequency: First gas/vomiting/explosive diarrhea event was in July 2021. During November 2021 to February 2022, the diarrhea instances occurred more often to every 4-5 days, disrupting my work and social activities. I couldn’t be more than one room from the bathroom or I would soil myself before getting to the toilet. I started to wear Depends. Whenever I left home, I carried supplies on all outings for emergency use (more Depends, washcloths, towel, extra underwear and pants.) Cause of diarrhea: The gastroenterologist suspected solid waste from days of constipation was backing up into the small intestine, causing infection and diarrhea (possibly SIBO or something similar). Each explosive diarrhea episode continued for hours until my entire digestive system was purged. This meant staying close to the bathroom during a dozen or more urgent diarrhea episodes over 10-12 hours. At gastroenterologist’s suggestion, In March ‘22, I did one month of Whole 30-like dieting that eliminated sweets, grains, dairy, alcohol, beans and legumes from my diet. I ate fresh and cooked vegetables, meat, eggs, fruit. Only water to drink. The number of diarrhea episodes per month decreased but didn’t end. Gastroenterologist felt it was imperative to end the constipation/diarrhea cycle. I created a chart on my smartphone and began to monitor/log a lot of information about bowel movements – date, time, size, consistency, easy or difficult to pass, etc. I shared the info with gastroenterologist. I also monitored sleep because I suspected poor sleep patterns were contributing. Some nights I slept only 1-2 hours. I set an earlier bedtime and monitored sleep factors including nightly bedtime; number of consecutive initial sleep hours; whether I resumed sleep after waking; reason I first awoke such as urination, bad dream, overheating, uncomfortable sleep position, external noise like siren or thunder, or other sleep disruption. Gastroenterologist urged adding more sources of soluable fiber to my diet and drinking more water. Also to eat a few prunes daily. If I exceeded three or more days of constipation, to drink one 6-8 ounce serving of prune juice, which is a faster method of naturally stimulating regular bowel movement(s). Gastroenterologist said to avoid commercial laxatives as they were probably not helping me and possibly delaying return to a better digestive and bowel movement pattern. I much prefer some diet and sleep changes to taking medication(s). I also plan to continue recording sleep and bowel movements as a means of controlling or eliminating the constipation/diarrhea cycle. I am grateful these minor changes have worked for me so far. I wish for others with gastric problems to find similar simple solutions, but sadly understand others may not be so fortunate. Thanks to everyone who has read and contributed to this thread. Best wishes.

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