I have a big problem with agonizing over any mistake I make- big or small. Even if I try something new or a situation I wasn’t expecting comes up and I didn’t handle it well.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • amandasnyder588


    I do the same thing. I will torcher myself on anything I do wrong or I think is wrong. That is usually when I call someone and talk about it and either they say stop doing this to yourself or they tell me a story that doesn't make my issue so bad.

  • sabbymer


    Very similar. I keep trying but if someone tells me I fucked up and doesn't handle it right with me (micromanagement, hanging mistake over my head) I get really upset and then make more mistakes out of not focusing. People never just ask direct questions it's always emotional ones...

  • Djs16


    I definitely do this, and sometimes I'm the one convinced it's a mistake. I'm very indecisive and ruminate over whether every choice I make is the "wrong" one. This tends to be very destructive in my romantic life.

  • midnightcoffee


    I have to give positive self-talk like these: it's not perfect but is it good enough? Did my mistake impact the end result? Is this mistake at, say, work impact my home life?

  • Noelle2772


    i do this TOO MUCH. i could do one wrong thing at work in the morning and it determines my whole day. CBT has been helping me a ton!!!

  • ForgetfulFerret


    Yeah, mistakes just piss me off and I tear myself up inside about it. Even something people would consider “minor”. I inconvenienced some of my coworkers the other day and hated myself the rest of the day for creating a situation they had to deal with…so yeah, I can relate to that. Still working on it but haven’t made much progress

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