How do you ask for support from family and friends? what does that support look like?

Crohn's Disease (IBD) Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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  • CrohnsyPoo


    I wish I had asked someone this back when I was suffering my worse Crohn's flare up, pre-diagnosis....the answer I need to hear was to humble myself. To tell my family that I know I should be able to do my own dishes, but I just feel so overwhelmed and without energy to take care of myself. That it seems small, but I could really use such a kind favor. Let go of your pride. My home was the most disgusting I had ever let it be in, and I was too embarrassed to have anyone see it. But it was so emotionally healing when my sister drive 1.5 hours to come help do my dishes...I felt so loved, that I wasn't alone or had to be strong on my own, and that I was supported.

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