I couldn't find my condition, so primary Hypertension was the closest to what I've got. I've been diagnosed with "Whitecoat Syndrome Hypertension" more specifically, beginning soon after a traumatic hospitalization in 2015 (diagnosed by my psychologist as PTSD). All hospital visits after I would see a significant spike in my blood pressure ever since. Even before a recent surgery a month back it was very concerning to hospital staff..

Anyone have this specific type of Hypertension?

Essential Hypertension

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  • Okay...Zero


    I Also couldn't find my condition either..... I have MAS. I wasn't diagnosed with white coat hypertention but I also have a phobia of doctors and I'm sure that is not helping my blood pressure I know that's not the same but I may be able to relate a little. Here to chat if you want!

  • Pushky


    When doctor don’t know what’s causing hypertension, they call it essential hypertension. I have a Blood Pressure measuring machine at home. I check my own BP weekly to monitor. I do not have white coat bp.

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