Is anyone else having really bad luck lately? My aunt abandoned my family, my grandpa's in jail, I'm constantly told I look disgusting, my turtle tank filter clogged and leaked and almost started a fire, I almost lost my puppy 2 times, my other dog was diagnosed with canine leukemia, the list goes on. I really feel like nothing can get much worse at this point. Anyone else feel like this?



Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Itsmejas


    I’m having a bad week also, I live with my toxic Asian parents and I was telling them not to fat shame my 11 yr old son cuz he’s already dealing with that in school. It turned into a full blown argument, they told me to go kill myself because I’m crazy for having anxiety and depression. I understand how you feel when ppl are saying nasty things to you. You have to be a really mentally strong person to not be affected by it. Easier said than done!

  • chloerae


    Yes! I've had one thing after another and I just keep telling myself "Somethings gotta give and it ain't me!"

  • bobe909


    I lost 2 jobs and was fired by my veterinarian and psychiatrist all in like 24 hours. Be strong. Good things come to those who wait 🙏

  • ChickenCraze


    Who tells you you look disgusting!? Cut that toxic relationship out of your life immediately.

  • Jade234


    My luck has been terrible as well, but it has made me realize how appreciative I am of the little things. Without rain, there would be no flowers

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