What is it?

Rosacea is a chronic and relapsing inflammatory skin disorder that primarily involves the central face, with findings such as persistent redness, pimples, visible blood vessels, thickening of the skin and more. eye involvement may also occur, with various manifestations.
Factors that may potentially worsen the condition include heat or cold temperature, exercise, sunlight, spicy food, alcohol, hot beverages, psychological stress,and certaim drugs or creams.

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Additional names

This group contains additional names:
- Rhinophyma

Signs & symptoms

Symptoms may include:
* chronic redness, primarily of the nose and cheeks
* Pimples – primarily localized to the central face
* Flushing, with or without sweating
* Telangiectasias – visible blood vessels in the skin
* Phymatous changes - thickened skin with irregular contours. Involvement most commonly occurs on the nose (rhinophyma) but may also be seen in other sites, such as the chin, forehead, and cheeks
* Burning or stinging sensation in the face
* Edema – swelling of the face
* Dry appearance of skin
* eye involvement – including redness, burning sensation in the eyes, itchy eyes, sensitivity to light, visible blood vessels in the lid margin and more.


Diagnosis is based on your symptoms and usually does not require additional tests.
When the diagnosis is uncertain, a skin biopsy may be performed to rule out other disorders.


the treatment of rosacea is not curative but can alleviate symptoms and decrease flare-ups. Treatment may include:
* Avoiding triggers that worsen the condition
* topical and oral medications
* laser therapy

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